We Exist to Provide Our Customers with Performance Subsea Equipment of the Very Highest Standard.

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Welcome to Subsea Tooling Services

Subsea Tooling Services is a young and dynamic company that was created by three experienced and dedicated individuals.
From our ground breaking Predator Dredger range through to our unrivalled fleet of subsea baskets and our bespoke commissioned items, we will not be beaten for service or quality.
A representative is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure you meet your deadlines!

Safety, Efficiency and Reliability are our watchwords.


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Latest News

Power and Performance

The Predator Dredgers range between 4" and 10" unrestricted Nozzle Diameter.  Our MKII dredgers come with hydraulic back flush as standard, as well as the high pressure clay agitating system. The combination of these unique features as well as the standard features offered by our MKI Predators makes these the most advanced ROV / Diver dredgers on the current market.
Dare to Get It Wet?

The Gremlin comes in a 3" unrestricted Nozzle Diameter.  Designed to work with smaller inspection / work class ROVs. With a rock removal capacity of up to 15t per hour this is the most powerful and efficient 3" dredger on the market.