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Subsea Tooling Services UK Ltd (STS) now offer a range of small compact ROV tooling Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs).
Our HPUs are ideal for onshore System Integration Testing (SIT) and offshore ROV tooling function testing.
All our HPUs are built to the highest standards and come in a fully certified crash frame. Our HPUs are rated for safe area use only. All our HPUs come with a manufacturer’s certificate of electrical compliance.
Our standard 7.5 KW model is very popular for SIT torque tool operations as it has 3 built in directional control valves, which can run the torque tool directly from the HPU without the need for additional torque tool panels or valve packs.
Pressure & flow rate can be adjusted to suit the application.


For full specifications please download our PDF data sheets below:
  1. 7.5KW HPU
    Hydraulic Flow 0-20L / min
    600kg In Air
    Suitable for Offshore Use
We design and build custom HPU's for more information please contact us on +44 (0)1651 872723


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