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Our dredgers have been designed and built to the highest standards by experienced engineers and fabricators.
Using cutting edge fluid dynamic technology our dredgers are the most efficient in the current market. Our range of unique dredgers are easy to use, both by Remotely Operated Vehicles and divers. This new generation of dredge systems can be configured subsea to either dredge or jet without the need for ROV / Diver frame recovery. By simply swapping out some sub components the dredger can be converted into a high volume jet pump which can be used in conjunction with the STS jetting lance.
Efficient operation and configuration = Reduce vessel time = Money saved
When designing our unique high performance dredgers Subsea Tooling Services took into account the people who have to use these machines. Their safety is our number one priority. All Subsea Tooling Services dredgers are self-standing units with certified lifting points to ensure safe handling. Each dredger system has its own dedicated storage box that houses the dredger and associated components.

All our dredgers sub components can be stored in one of our unique subsea baskets when not in use. We are confident we have a dredger that will suit your application. For more information check out our full range:


Power and Performance

The Predator Dredgers range between 4" and 10" unrestricted Nozzle Diameter.  Our MKII dredgers come with hydraulic back flush as standard, as well as the high pressure clay agitating system. The combination of these unique features as well as the standard features offered by our MKI Predators makes these the most advanced ROV / Diver dredgers on the current market.
Dare to Get It Wet?

The Gremlin comes in a 3" & 4" unrestricted Nozzle Diameter.  Designed to work with smaller inspection / work class ROVs. With a rock removal capacity of up to 15t - 25 T per hour these are the most powerful and efficient 3" & 4" dredgers on the market today. 



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